Pray strategically for Africa, and connect with Partner Organisations. 

Be a Catalyst

Through strategic prayer in collaboration with many others, you are serving as a catalyst towards change. Join us in praying weekly for an African nation! 

Pray for an African Nation

Learn more about the nations of Africa and how to pray strategically with others for a specific African nation!

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Start your own Catalyst group and pray collectively for the nations of Africa!

Join us in praying weekly for an African nation!

Tell us about your Prayer Experience!

We know that through prayer we are experiencing the opportunity to hear the heart of God speaking to us. If you prayed for a specific African nation and experienced the Lord sharing something with you, we want to hear about it…


Thank you!

It is with great appreciation that we can say ‘Thank You!’ to the following people whom are not just only allowing this platform to be available through their financial support, but they are dreaming with us to see Africa taking its full potential by praying strategically for each nation on our beloved continent.