Pray for Africa

Prayer Points

  • For renewal of the minds of those who grew up in times of violence.
  • That the Christians  will be strengthened to further God's Kingdom.
  • For protection of Christians as they face increased persecution.
  • For people to realise their potential
  • For Africa to become the giant it was meant to be

We Pray...

Father we pray for our beautiful continent. We know that many see it as the dark continent, but we know that You are busy shining a bright light over Africa. We pray that You will touch each and every person on this continent so that they will reach their full potential in Christ. We pray for dreams to come to those who does not believe, that they will move closer to You Father. 

Thank you that we know that you are drawing Africans closer to you, help us to become sensitive enough to become part of Your Movement in Africa. Amen


State of the Church

Most of Southern Africa is considered Christian, with a documented church in every people group. When you cross the Equator, between 0 and 10 degrees North, you move into what many call the “Buffer Zone”. Many of the persecution accounts comes from this area, where many of the countries have a Christian South majority and a Muslim North majority. This is also the home of terror groups like Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram, who seeks to implement an Islamic State.

Further North, there are growing underground church movements. In the far North, we have also seen ISIS starting to find a foothold in Libya, Egypt and Sudan, where there have been accounts of Christians being shot or decapitated.

A huge need of the church is to get training for pastors in rural communities. Many of the churches run trauma centres and travel far into rural areas to assist and reach people with the gospel. Therefore, there is a huge need for funds - prayer is also a need for all.

Despite all the challenges, the church is growing within Africa.


Africa as a continent has been the personification of adventure for many. It has also been the center of international trade since the early 600’s when the Arab empire established trade routes over Northern Africa and later Eastern Africa.

Africa is also known for its volatile political scene. Since the dawn of Independence in Africa, in the early 1950’s, we have seen many nations going through Coup d'etats. With a multi-cultural state, it was and is still a difficult task to create state unity.

The borders of Africa were not always like they are today. It was drawn up the first time in the late 1800’s with the Berlin Conference. The conference was held to divide Africa peacefully between the European countries. Today, the conference is criticized for the lack of understanding and research which had to be done in order to draw up borders.

The borders were never created to keep Africans within states, but to organize the colonization process. After Independence, most of the leaders decided to keep the borders, created by Europeans, in order to continue building the states. Many of the minority groups came in uproar against some of the leaders, because of the lack of interest in their needs.

Adding to this, things were heating up between democratic America and communist Russia, after World War II. This gave parties within Africa a chance to overthrow their governments. One example is the DRC, where rebel leaders sided with America in order to overthrow the communist based party, who was ruling the country.

Since then, Africa has become more democratic, although there are still a few dictators and monarchies in power.

Economically, Africa is a growing giant; with many opportunities within tourism, business, trade and in its minerals.