Pray for Africa

Prayer Points

  • For wisdom and unity among Christian workers in Arab-focused ministries.
  • That those who are ministering in difficult conditions will be encouraged and persevere among persecution.
  • For effective use of Scriptures in small group meetings for illiterate and jobless Believers.
  • For ethnic minorities and expats living in Djibouti to have encounters with real Christian witnesses.

Eastern Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, between Eritrea and Somalia

911 382  (2017 est.)


Muslim 94%

Christian 6%

150 000  (2017)

60 % ( 2014 est.)

MISSIONARIES (year: 2010)
Sent 5
Received 85


We Pray...

Father, we pray for wisdom for Christian workers in Arab-focused ministries. We pray for a new bond of unity amongst them. We bring the Afar people before you, Father, as they are essentially unreached with the Gospel. Please reveal Yourself to them and send people who will provide them with Bibles in their own language.

We pray, Lord, for encouragement and perseverance for those ministering in extremely difficult conditions. We pray that they might stand firm in their commitment to follow Jesus, despite persecution in this 97% Muslim country.

Father, we pray for the believers that are jobless, and even illiterate – we pray for effective use of literacy and vocational training programmes. We pray for effective use of the Scriptures in their small group meetings and for the Holy Spirit will work in each life.

We pray that You will raise up strong Christian leaders from among and for the Somali and Afar believers. Lord, we pray for the ethnic minority and expats living in this port city of Djibouti (French, Greek, Pakistani, Senegalese, Indian and others). May they have encounters with real Christian witnesses. Amen.

State of the Church

The constitution of Djibouti includes freedom of religion, although Islam is the state religion. Proselytizing of Muslims is not allowed and those who turn from Islam to Christianity will most likely be persecuted by family members.


While poor in natural resources, the nation of Djibouti occupies a strategically important area on the Horn of Africa, at the mouth of the Red Sea. A civil war destabilized the country from 1991 to 1994, but the country has since held several successful democratic elections.

With the conflict raging in neighboring Somalia many people came to Djibouti to seek refuge. This created a problem as the national unemployment rate is already high (more than 30%). The aridity of the land, coupled with dire climatic conditions does not allow people to engage in agricultural activities, making it difficult for the UNHCR as they have to seek other ways to create self-reliance and livelihoods for the refugees to earn a living. This creates tension against those that are living there and the refugees.

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