Pray for Africa

Prayer Points

  • For the refugees staying in Guinea.
  • That God will meet the needs of the spiritually and physically poor people in a holistic way.
  • For pioneer missionaries who serve among difficult-to-reach Muslims.
  • For new Christians to persevere in their faith.
  • For the unreached Guineans living in remote areas to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone

13 290 659 (2017)


Muslim 86.7%

Christian 8.9%

Animist/other/none 4.4% (2012 est.)

950 000 (2017)


Sent: 2
Received: 120




Population in city:

1 767 200

Urbanization Rate:

3.82% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)

Majority religion in city:


We Pray...

Lord Jesus, we thank you for enabling Guinea as a place of refuge for other nationalities fleeing strife and war in their own countries. Father, we pray for this spiritually and physically poor country, that You will meet the needs of the people in a holistic way. Lord, may they too taste and see that the Lord is good

We pray for pioneer missionaries who will serve among difficult-to-reach Muslim peoples of Guinea. We also pray for new Christians to persevere in their faith and not turn away from their identity in Christ. Father, we pray for the unreached Guineans living in remote areas to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.


State of the Church

The constitution and other laws protects religious freedom and allows individuals to choose, change and practice the religion of their choice. However there is still some hostility between faiths.

Church attendance has been in the decline since the late 1990's as many nominal Christians have fallen away. The lukewarmness of many has also hindered church planting as well as evangelism. There is great need for Guinean leaders who are well equipped and passionate for the advancement of the Gospel. The Guinean church is similarly in need of such passion, so that leaders and laymen alike might engage in evangelistic and missional efforts, reaching millions with the Gospel.

Voice of the persecuted posted the following account on 19 September 2013: "During a mob-led frenzy, Christians and their churches were savagely attacked in the Muslim-majority nation; some 95 Christians were martyred and 130 wounded. In Nzérékoré, five churches, as well as the homes of pastors, were attacked by Muslim mobs. One priest recounted the violence: “The two Catholic and Protestant churches have all been ransacked and burned… Almost all the houses and shops belonging to Christians or people affiliated with Christians, have not escaped the fury of the attackers.” Similarly, the Catholic area, including the quarters of the nuns, was looted before being torched. In Moribadou, the violence lasted three days and saw at least 10 churches destroyed."


Guinea is another country in Africa that has been troubled by violence, power hungry leadership and coup’s. They had their first democratic elections in 1993 and its first all-civil government in 2010 (following an assassination attempt on the president, plotted by three army leaders). Much of the population incorporates some indigenous rituals into their religious practices. Muslims are generally Sunni, although the population of Shias is increasing. Muslims constitute a majority in all four major regions. Christians are most numerous in Conakry, large cities, the south, and the eastern Forest Region. Indigenous religious beliefs are most prevalent in the Forest Region.

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