Pray for Africa

Prayer Points

  • For supporting nations to be wise in their implementation of support programs.
  • For a resurgence of the deep Christian beliefs held by this nation from the earliest Church history.
  • That militant Muslims will get to know the truth of Jesus Christ.
  • For healthy churches to be planted.
  • Thank God for unity among believers and freedom to gather and worship together.

Eastern Africa, west of Somalia

104 344 901 (2017 est.)


Ethiopian Orthodox 43.5%

Muslim 33.9%

Protestant 18.5%

Traditional 2.7%

Catholic 0.7%

Other 0.6% (2007 est.)

11 538 000 (2017)

17, 5 % (2012 est.)

Sent: 270
Received: 2500



Addis Ababa 

Population of the city:

2 757 729

Urbanization Rate:

4.89% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)

Major religion in the city:






We Pray...

We praise You, Lord, for unity among believers and the freedom they have to gather and worship together. Lord, we pray for supporting nations to be wise in their programs and not cause diminished work ethic among Ethiopians.

Father, we pray for a resurgence of the deep Christian beliefs held by this nation from the earliest Church history. We also ask, Lord, that militant Muslims will get to know the truth of Jesus Christ and stop persecuting believers. We pray for healthy churches to be planted through pioneering work among unreached people groups in Ethiopia and beyond. We pray this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

State of the Church

Ethiopia is home of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. It is also the only country in its area that stood strong against Islam in the 7th century.

The government promotes religious freedom in the country, however, Muslims now target Ethiopia (which withstood Islamic advances for centuries) for Islamization—educational, employment and financial inducements are offered as well as a massive mosque-building program. Violent—even murderous—reactions against evangelical outreach create a climate of religious tension and fear.

On a lighter note; there is a movement taking place in Ethiopia of which the southern Christian majority is starting to reach out to their brothers and sisters in the north, where Islam and traditional beliefs are normally practised. The number of Christians is growing, but ministry to unreached people comes at great risk and personal cost to those sharing.


Ethiopia was the first country to rise against the colonizing powers. Many countries in Africa saw Ethiopia as a symbol of hope in that time. It was a symbol that Africans can rule their own country. Many of the other African nations adopted the colors of the Ethiopian flag after they received their independence, to show their solidarity and to remember what they have achieved.

Ethiopia managed to overthrow the Italians with assistance from Britain. In the 1960’s, this influence was replaced by US support, which in turn was supplanted by the Soviet Union.With many ideologies running around, tension was building up. The last step towards the civil war would be the drought which gripped the nation in the 1970’s.

It was only in 1991 that the world saw political stability return to Ethiopia and since then it has grown to the extent that it is regarded as one of Africa’s more stable countries.However, many Ethiopians are still dependant on food aid from abroad. In 2004 the government began to move more than 2 million people away from the arid highlands to provide a lasting solution to food shortages.

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